We guarantee that your dog will not be boarded with any other dog and will receive as much care and attention as they do in their own homes.


Our aim is to bring as much normality to the dogs life as possible by recreating their own home environment, along with personal care ,attention and daily walks.


Our carers take pet dogs into their own home and provide an alternative loving home environment whilst their owners are away.

Welcome to Dial A Dog Carer

Mobile Dog Grooming Service.

Dial A Dog Carer Was Set Up Over 10 Years Ago By Julie And Arthur Priestner Who Developed The Caring Business Alongside The Dog Grooming Business.

Dial a Dog Carer provide home boarding for dogs in loving host family homes. All dogs are boarded on a 1 to 1 basis.

Arthur continues to provide a mobile dog grooming service with a specially converted, heated mobile dog grooming salon that grooms and washes your dog outside your home.

Both grooming and dog caring services operated by Dial a Dog Carer aim to provide services which are far less stressful than the traditional kennel or visit to a dog grooming salon. Both services have a high level of repeat business and advance booking is needed.

To make a dog grooming or caring registration appointment please call 0121 705 0446.

Mobile Dog Grooming

We continue to provide a convenient mobile dog wash and grooming service direct to your home. We have over 10 years grooming experience and we speclialise in dog wash and grooming for larger breeds of dogs but including King Charles Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, Springer Spaniels and Collies.

Our fully equipped mobile grooming van provides dog wash and coat brushing and conditioning, coat clipping and trimming as required, nail clipping and ear cleaning. All dogs are bathed in our hydro-bath and dried with our turbo drier.

As we come to you we provide a less stressful experience for your dog, save on drop off and collection journeys to a salon, no waiting around for you and your dog and no use of cages for drying or waiting.

Many of our customers pre-book their next appointments so we do tend to be heavily booked and prior notice is generally required to make a booking.

Holiday Dog Care

Dial a Dog Carer have a number of dog loving hosts who will look after you dog in their own home. All our carers are carefully vetted, they have secure gardens and will exercise your dog on a regular daily basis. We always try where possible to maintain the same daily routine and rules that your dog is used to. Whilst in care all dog are also covered by our 3rd party liability insurance.

All our carers are dog lovers, are at home most of the days, do not have small children and your dog will be looked after on a 1 to 1 basis. We only house multiple dogs together where they live together with the same owner.

Before caring for your dog we always visit you to meet your dog, discuss it’s daily routine and fill out an information registration sheet. By meeting you and your dog we are able to provide the most suitable carer according to your dog’s breed and temperament.

Once you have made a booking and we will provide details of your carer and you are able to visit them in advance of your caring dates.

Our Service:

Leaving your beloved dog in boarding kennels whilst you are away from home and not really knowing how much care and attention it will receive can be stressful for both pet and owner. Even in the best kennels your dog will be confined for most of the day. We provide dog owners with peace of mind that their pet is in the care of one of our registered carers living in the dog sitters home and enjoying company and regular walks.

Our Carers:

Our carers are “special people” who take pet dogs into their own home and provide an alternative loving home environment whilst their owners are away. We have a strict recruiting policy and all our carers are personally selected and vetted in their own homes and are also fully insured.


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